Summer 2015

Volume 82, Issue 4


Denying the Dyad: How Criminalizing Pregnant Drug Use Harms the Baby, Taxpayers and Vulnerable Women
Melissa Ballengee Alexander

A Theory of Shareholder Activism and Its Place in Corporate Law
Bernard S. Sharfman

Daimler and the Jurisdictional Triskelion
Zoe Niesel

Addressing Racial Disparities in Preschool Suspension and Expulsion Rates
Amy B. Cyphert

Tranquility & Mosaics in the Fourth Amendment: How Our Collective Interest in Constitutional Tranquility Renders Data Dragnets Like The NSA’s Telephony Metadata Program A Search
Michael Gentithes

Identifying the Culprit in Wrongful Convictions
Valena Elizabeth Beety


Labor and Employment Law—Disparate Treatment and Disparate Impact—Assessing A Pregnant Employee’s Ability To Bring Suit Under The Second Clause of The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
Alex Thomason