Our Mission

At the Tennessee Law Review, we work to publish nuanced and topical legal scholarship on the issues most pressing to those that the University of Tennessee College of Law works to serve—our students, the people of Tennessee, and beyond.

The Tennessee Law Review has been in publication since 1922 and has been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court more than 30 times. As the oldest law journal at the College of Law and in the State of Tennessee, we seek to advance justice for those in the greater community through compelling solutions to the legal questions that we face today. We are committed to publishing the exceptional work of authors that inspire respectful, thoughtful, and creative discussion of the salient issues that impact law and society.


Our purpose is to provide a space for authors to publish topical and compelling legal scholarship that raises and offers meaningful solutions to emerging legal issues. We aim to bridge the gap and foster discourse at the nexus between Tennessee’s and our nation’s legal scholarship. We do this to encourage hands-on involvement in our community, our state, and our nation. 


We are inspired by the mosaic of experiences, perspectives, and beliefs of our diverse student members that collaborate to produce the Tennessee Law Review. The concerns that we face are ever evolving and continue to have an impact on the day-to-day lives of those within our community. Lastly, we are inspired by the voices of our authors that shed light upon the experience of our students, faculty, alumni, and community members at large. 


We are committed to maintaining our core competencies and developing new capabilities to better serve our stakeholders who rely upon the Tennessee Law Review to accurately inform and, therefore, shape their opinions on complicated current legal issues. Our professional and student authors address emerging legal issues with relevant, well-researched, and innovative legal scholarship.


Our legacy is shaped by the law students and authors who have come before us, whose articles sparked effective change for Tennesseans and Americans at large. We are humbled by the opportunity to shape the future progress of the legal profession and those who undertake its practice through our work at the Tennessee Law Review. To secure this aim, we seek members with competence, composure, and curiosity. We seek topics with contemporary, meaningful impact, and we seek authors with academic integrity, novel perspectives, and reasoned analysis.