Winter 2014

Volume 81, Issue 2


Clapper v. Amnesty International: Two or Three Competing Philosophies of Standing Law?
Bradford C. Mank

A Primer on Professionalism for Doctrinal Professors
Paula Schaefer

Could Windsor Revive Federalism? The States’ Right to Protect Citizens Following DOMA’s Demise
Mark A. Fulks & Ronald S. Range III


Constitutional Law—Personal Jurisdiction—A State’s Ability to Exercise Jurisdiction Over a Foreign Manufacturer
Karissa Hazzard

Constitutional Law—The First Amendment Retaliation Doctrine—A Public Employee’s Rights Regarding Perceived Political Association Retaliation
Kaitlyn Poirier

Criminal Procedure—Capital Punishment—Motions to Reopen Petitions for Post-Conviction Relief
Jacob Spangler