2023 Symposium Schedule

10:00-10:30      Introduction and Welcome  Fran Ansley, Professor Emerita, University of Tennessee College of Law
10:30-12:00 – Plant Closings and the Global Economy                            Moderator: Brianna Griffin, UT Law Class of 2023  Fran Ansley, Professor Emerita, University of Tennessee College of Law
Dr. Doug Gamble, Retired Trade Unionist, Federation for Industrial Renaissance
Jennifer Gordon, Professor of Law, Fordham University School of Law
Susan Williams, Staff Librarian Archivist, Highlander Center
12:00-1:00 – Lunch 
  1:00-2:30 – Justice for Migrants at Work and in the Community (2000-Present) Moderator: Georgia Miller, UT Law Class of 2023  Muneer Ahmad, Sol Goldman Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Jerome N. Frank Legal Services Organization, Yale Law School
Dr. Meghan Conley, Assistant Professor of Practice and Director of Community Partnerships, Department of Sociology, University of Tennessee
Sherley Cruz, Associate Professor, University of Tennessee College of Law
Cecelia Prado, Labor and Community Organizer and Strategist
JJ Rosenbaum, Executive Director, Global Labor Justice
2:30-2:45 – Break   
2:45-4:15 – The Future of Teaching and Learning About America’s Past Moderator: Nathaniel Pettit, UT Law Class of 2023  Dr. Robert Bland, Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Tennessee
Dr. Enkeshi El-Amin, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, West Virginia University
Van D. Turner, Jr., President, NAACP Memphis Branch
Dr. Jessie Wilkerson, Associate Professor, Joyce and Stuart Robbins Chair, Department of History, West Virginia University
4:15-4:30 – Break   
4:30-5:00 – Closing ThoughtsCharles R. Lawrence, III, Professor of Law, William S. Richardson School of Law