“Deflect, Delay, Deny: A Case Study of Segregation by Law School Faculty Before Brown v. Board of Education.”

By: Bryce Danielle Bradley

April 12, 2023

 As a black law student, I know the obstacles that stand in the way of hopeful, diverse law students. We are often told to push past obstacles and overcome adversity. The same was said to our ancestors and generations of diverse lawyers who came before us. However, the underlying systemic oppression that black law students faced during Blakeney, Cambelle, and McKamey’s time still generates fear and anxiety in black students today. Prejudice camouflaged behind neutrality has damaged the social and economic progression of the black community for decades. At the end of Professor Rosenbaum’s discussion, she opened the floor for questions from the audience. Several audience members’ questions communicated their curiosity about what happened to the hundreds of other law students that were denied admission to law schools for similar reasons. Professor Rosenbaum explained that the efforts to deny black students were secretive, which makes it difficult to trace the details of most accusations.

 I commend Professor Rosenbaum for unmasking the truths behind what black students have been told are simply myths. I am also elated at the recognition of those who were brave and bold enough to try to push through the barriers and achieve their dreams. Without these individuals, I would not be able to walk the halls of UT Law and obtain a law degree.

Please look for Professor Rosenbaum’s article to be published in the Tennessee Law Review and her tour discussing her article at colleges nationwide.